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Product Information
  • Decorative Art Flag
  • Made from durable 600 denier polyester
  • Heat sublimated process permanently dyes flag fabric for long-lasting color
  • UV, Mildew, Fade Resistant and Machine washable
  • Flag only,Hardware NOT included

Heat sublimated process permanently dyes flag fabric for long-lasting color.
UV, Mildew, and Fade Resistant
This flag is machine washable.

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Overall Rating:
I think this is a great garden flag. The bald eagle and the U.S. Flag represent so much to our country and being able to hang this out in my yard is awesome. The flag's colors are are right on. The material seems to be heavy duty and there is even stitching all around holding the flag together. The sleeve at the top fits over the garden hook perfectly. I look forward to seeing this flag fly for a long time.
I received a discount on this product in return for my full and unbiased review.
Overall Rating:
Even though it's smaller this is a very beautiful patriotic flag. It fit my small flag hanger perfectly out front of my house and looks really nice. The loop at the top was just the right size for me to use to slide the flag onto the pole.
The colors of the flag are all very nice and bright so the flag can be seen from a good distance. The fabric is a nice heavy duty 600 denier polyester. It's UV, mold and fade resistant so it's okay to leave it outside which I really like.
This flag is perfect to hang any time of year and I plan to leave ours up through out the year because I really like how nice it looks at my front door.
I got this product through a special promotion in exchange for my honest opinions.
Overall Rating:
Love this! The picture and color are great. The material seems like a nice heavy mesh. Seems like it would last in the elements.
I received this product at a discount in exchange for my honest review.
Overall Rating:
I love this flag. I actually don't use it as a flag, I have it on my front door. My son is in the military and this is a reminder, to all that pass our home, to be thankful for our freedom and to thank the men and women who serve our country. We have pride in our country, and love showing support through the symbols of our flag. I am very proud of this flag and of our freedom, that it stands for. I would recommend to others. I have received this product without charge to write an honest review, I have received no instruction and the opinions expressed are my own.”
Overall Rating:
This flag was the perfect addition to my garden. The material is resilient and will stay for years to come. I love the color and look of it, and it fits perfectly on my flag pole. This product was well worth it, and I cannot wait to show it off.
Disclaimer: I received this product at a discount in exchange for my honest review.
Overall Rating:
Patriotic Bald Eagle And American Flag
I love the vibrant colors on this flag. It's truly all American and a flag to be proud of flying at any time. I received this at a discount for my honest review.
Overall Rating:
I have a small garden flag pole and all that I had was a Christmas flag so it was about time I found another flag to put up and I absolutely loved this patriotic welcome sign. I love how welcoming this looks in our yard and I love how durable the material is that the flag is made out of. They say the flag is fade resistant so I will make sure that I watch out and make sure that it is and I love that it is UV and mildew resistant also. It looks beautiful in the front flower bed and we have had some wonderful compliments on this flag. I would even love the larger size of this also. We absolutely love this flag and looks fabulous! I was given a discount in exchange for an honest and unbiased opinion and these are my own based on my own review of the flag.
Overall Rating:
I received this product for a discount price for my review. The flag is nice, will serve its purpose but I guess I didn't look at the sizes very well. It is really small. Doesn't even fit on my pole. I will find a smaller pole and place it out in my front yard!
Overall Rating:
Love this flag. It is great quality and the eagle looks great on the flag
Overall Rating:
ordered this through a discount service that encourages reviews. It is what it appears to be, a small garden flag. The material is slightly translucent, and the artwork is therefore only on one side and light does pass through it, which makes the colors less vibrant than they appear in the listing.
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