PRO 360 Rotating Spin Magic Mop Bucket No Foot Pedal Purple


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Product Information
  • 360 rotating machine washable mop,Putting the microfiber mop heads into the dehydrate basket, PRESSING THE MOP RODTO MAKE THE MOP HEAD ROTATE AND BEING DRY.Keeps your hands out of dirty water
  • High quality and brand new, High-efficiency floor cleaning
  • No spills, no shock and no damage to floors,No power consumption and eco-friendliness,Mop made of plastic, stainless and machine washable MICRO FIBER FABRIC; bucket made of plastic
  • Super laborsaving industrial floor mops, manual press system spin mop,Smart and colorful bucket
  • Note: No foot pedalnot as the TV shows

This 360-degree new design magic mop is perfect for door, kitchen, bathroom, lobby, car, bedroom, etc. It has super thin microfiber with great absorbent ability, which can effectively remove fouling and do fully cleaning without damaging floors. Handle angle may be adjusted from 45 to 180 degrees for the most comfortable mopping position. With this mop, you can keep your hands out of dirty water, Just putting the microfiber mop heads into the dehydrate basket,pressing the mop rod to make the mop head rotate and being dry. This labor saving design magic mop can help you cut the cleaning time and save your energy and water. It can do cleaning and drying without any power. It also has a long service life.


Telescopic rod length: 47.2"
Telescopic rod diameter: 0.8"
Dehydrate basket size: 17.7*9.6*8.7"
Whole weight: 3 lbs.
Rotate: 360 degree
Feature: Eco-friendly
Basket material: plastic
Mop head material: micro fiber fabric
Pole material: stainless steel
Bucket material: plastic

Product includes:

1*stainless steel TELESCOPIC pole
1*dehydrate basket
2*microfiber mop heads
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all good
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Overall Rating:
This mop works great and is very easy to use. Just add some water and what ever cleaner you want then turn the lower purple knob on the handle and pump the handle up and down to wet the mop then place it into the white basket to spin out the excess water with the up and down motion. When you are ready to use, just turn the purple knob to lock the handle. The handle does lock in the upright position for spinning then tilt it for mopping. The mop head snaps onto the handle base and is easy to swap for the other dry mop if you want to dry the floor.
Overall Rating:
I could not ring this mop out. It stayed dripping wet no matter even if I used my bare hands to squeeze the water out. The spinner was useless. I was really looking forward to using this too. Mannnnnn.
Overall Rating:
Like the others that reviewed, I was surprised there were no instructions with the mop. I figured it out pretty easily, though, and must say I am impressed with its' performance. It did take a little getting used to. I used the foot pedal bucket/mop for a year and a half before it bit the dust. I really like the rim over the basket to help contain the water spinning out of the mop. The handle assembly is a little flimsy feeling, but does the job so far. Just don't tighten it down too hard or the spin feature won't work. Took a little practice, and as with the foot pedal type, I had to spin the basket several times each time I rinsed the mop in order to get the mop dry enough to use. All in all seems like a good deal.
Overall Rating:
Could have used a bit of info on how to get the most out of product.
Overall Rating:
Works great. Perfect to have around with a new puppy. It gets a workout several times a day, sorry to say. Holds up very well.
Overall Rating:
No way to wring water out of mop other than too squeeze with hands.
Overall Rating:
It spins! Just got one was confused at first, then I figured out there is a lock on/off. ON to lock make it not spinning while you mop the floor. And turn to OFF, when you need it to spin~
Overall Rating:
This item, while in theory might have value, was useless due to the cheap, flimsy material, and no instructions for assembly. When I wanted to return it, the company asked if I would be agreeable to reselling it, taking a discounted price, or let them send directions. If the product was of poor quality, why would I want to resell it? I just wanted to return it.
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